We are keen to work with people who have varying skills, these are some of our projects:

  • Build animal enclosures including a Kangaroo release site
  • Help with the care of our Kangaroo's and other WIRES animals under supervision initially
  • Build a veranda and roofing/awning for a train carriage
  • Build a rock wall entry
  • Painting including art work in certain areas
  • Garden bed prep, propagation, planting, labelling and continued care
  • Marketing skills for future development at café and retreat
  • Program/ Educational development for events at the property
  • Design and prepare signage out of natural resources
  • Play music because you can so others can enjoy
  • Build nature pathways and landing areas
  • Paint/Create artistic designs in a variety of locations
  • Build awnings and seating in a variety of locations
  • Build gabions and dams with guidance to create water holding areas
  • Plant up additional food forests
  • Plant a productive vegetable garden
  • Animal care and companionship for our animals
  • Sew curtains
  • Develop fun filled community events relating to permaculture, animals, food, healthy lifestyle and well-being
  • Geo-Cache set ups for our environments
  • Design adventures and treasure hunts
  • Provide Community Events for the public
  • Share cooking skills, products and traditions from your country

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Share with us experiences, ideas, interests or family traditions that you think we can learn from and share Internationally. If skilled in this area you may be able to help in our café Guide people through our farm yard set up. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Aldus PageMaker including versions It uses a dictionary of over Power.

Types of Help Required

Gardening, Building, Cooking / shopping, General Maintenance, Help with Eco project, Help in the house, Animal care, Helping with Tourists, Charity work, Art project, Help with Computers / internet, Teaching, Farming

Stay and Work we do

We require a two week minimum stay from volunteers because there is a lot to teach, learn and share. If your unable to stay for two weeks then our place is not a place for you to choose for your stay. Were sorry about that but we have a lot going on and want the experience to be of value and enjoyed by all. About the work we do at our permaculture café and ultimately the Eco Village we are building. It's quite an adventure with so many new friendships being developed.


We have rooms, caravans and there is land if people want to set up a tent. We have shower, toilet, kitchen and laundry facilities available. We also have an in ground pool, ping pong table and bikes available for use. There is also accommodation on our other property if you want to do some serious camping. Our property is loved by so many of our volunteers and we believe that is because of the tranquillity and connection with the great Australian outback.

More about Orange and Us

Orange has become a great tourist area with Food and wine showcasing all across Australia. There are a variety of community events on, lots of parks, a lake, public Olympic pool, theatre, tenpin bowling, Skate Park, tennis courts, art gallery and much more. We are able to teach you a variety of skills which Paul and I have learnt. We work with and produce a lot of food, so plenty of opportunities to learn how to pickle, bake cakes, make cheese and much more. Our children range in ages up to 27years and they are keen to show our visitors around in free time. We ask our helpers to work a 5 hour day, with starting time at 8 am in the morning. Three meals are included each day. As we are volunteers with WIRES you may be required to help with the care of injured Australian native animals such as Kangaroo's, reptiles, and birds.